Otelier Announces 2024 Night Auditor of the Year

Christina K. at The Confluence Hotel in Hastings, Minnesota, was selected from nearly 100 nominations in celebration of 2024 Night Auditor Appreciation Day.
Otelier Announces 2024 Night Auditor of the Year

In 2023, Otelier launched Night Auditor Appreciation Day as a way for leaders across hospitality to recognize their employees who are critical to running a successful business but often go unnoticed because they work third shift. 

Night auditors handle guest issues throughout the night while managing important business data from the day, ensuring financial accuracy and compliance. They wear many hats, from accountant to bartender to security guard, and they’re a key part of preparing the daytime staff for a great day ahead. 

This year, Otelier received nearly 100 submissions for 2024 Night Auditor of the Year, each including kind notes of appreciation from colleagues, managers and district leaders across the world. 

Then, on May 18, Night Auditor Appreciation Day, hoteliers recognized their night auditors with gift bags, breakfasts and social shoutouts. Check out a few examples below. 

Christina K. is 2024 Night Auditor of the Year 

Christina Kieffer was recently promoted to Night Audit Supervisor at The Confluence Hotel in Hastings, Minnesota, after her outstanding contributions to the team. She was nominated by Front Office Manager Liz Callahan, who wrote: 

“Christina's mantra of 'You Got It’ reflects her can-do attitude and her genuine desire to see our organization thrive and grow. It is evident that Christina's contributions have had a profound impact on our team dynamics and the overall success of our operations. Her dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence are truly commendable and deserving of recognition.” 

Congratulations Christina! 

DOMA Hotels Celebrates in Australia 

NA1At the Hotel Realm in Barton, Australia, leaders hosted a breakfast with the night audit team in acknowledgement of Night Auditor Appreciation Day and nominated their Night Manager, Rizwan, for Night Auditor of the Year. Rooms Division Manager Malakai Yeomans wrote: 

“We hosted a Night Audit breakfast to thank our night owls who are working away whilst most of us are sleeping. Thank you to our wonderful night team for all that you do!” 

Hotel Du Pont Fuels Up Overnight Crew 

NA2Leadership at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware, shared photos of a gift basket they presented to their night audit team. Human Resources leader Pascale Brown wrote on Linkedin: 

“Happy National Night Auditor Appreciation Day! Today, we celebrate the unsung heroes of hospitality who work behind the scenes to ensure smooth hotel operations and exceptional guest experience. Thank you for your dedication and your contributions to the overall success of HOTEL DU PONT! We appreciate all that you do!” 

It’s Personal at ARK Hospitality 

NA3At ARK Hospitality, leadership took the time to personally call their overnight crew during their working hours to thank them for their contributions. The management company posted on Facebook: 

“It’s #NightAuditorAppreciationDay and we couldn’t be more grateful to the ones who hold the keys to our castles every night. Last night and this morning our night auditors received phone calls from ARK leaders to say, “Happy night auditor appreciation day!” And they were sent a little token of…well…appreciation.” 

A Classic Celebration at the 2400 Motel 

NA4At the 2400 Motel, a retro motor lodge in Vancouver, BC, leadership took the opportunity to remind travelers of the spirit of hospitality, suggesting that robots won’t take over a hotel front desk anytime soon. On Facebook, they wrote: 

“Happy Night Auditor Appreciation Day! 👏 Even before the AI era, the Night Audit was going out of vogue. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in having a front desk staffed 24/7 for our guests and that our audit team plays an integral role in our operational success. Our team is too shy to take a picture, but we'd like to take today, and every day, to recognize and thank them for all that they do!” 

Oliver Hospitality Gives Thanks

Oliver Hospitality, a Nashville-based developer and management group, took to Linkedin to recognize their overnight crew: 

“Night Auditors: Our team would not succeed without you! We sincerely appreciate the work you do to assist guests throughout the night, all while ensuring that hotel operations are maintained. Thank you!” 


It’s never too late to recognize your night auditors for their continual contributions to the success of your hotel. This week, drop them a note or surprise them with an energy drink – you know they’ll need it! And, for regular updates on how you can help your overnight crew work more efficiently and effectively, subscribe to the Otelier blog. 

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