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Recent Blogs

AI and Hotel Analytics Dominate Discussions at HITEC and HSMAI in Toronto

Otelier is back from a busy week in Toronto talking all things Artificial Intelligence and hotel analytics.

Hoteliers Move Beyond RevPAR for Hotel Business Intelligence

While RevPAR remains a useful metric for measuring a hotel's revenue performance, it should be considered...

Shifting Your Hotel Forecasting Focus to the Bottom Line

As hoteliers prepare budgets, one critical step to hotel forecasting involves analyzing bottom-line data to...

Determining the Most Accurate Data for Hotel Forecasting

As hoteliers prepare budgets, there are new, forward-looking hotel forecasting datasets that can provide more...

How Emerging Segments of Travelers Will Affect Hotel Forecasting

When hotel forecasting, emerging segments of travelers provide new opportunities to drive demand and revenue.

How 4 Hoteliers Align Operational Departments With Hotel Analytics

Diving into the right portfolio-wide hotel analytics will help hoteliers make sense of a dynamic forecasting...

Hotel Business Intelligence: Use New Booking Patterns to Shape Your Forecast

As hoteliers prepare 2023 budgets, this blog series takes a deep dive into the right hotel business...

Hospitality Industry Innovation Takes Center Stage at HT-Next in Miami

HT-Next is a unique forum for hotel companies and technology providers to highlight innovation happening...

Hotel Analytics: The First Step is Admitting There’s a Problem

Why moving your tools and data into the cloud will help you build the framework for a long and successful...

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